The J. Reed Interview: 10

Name: Javier Reed
Vocation: Hip-Hop Artist
Hometown: Inkster, MI

Cream rises to the top. It’s an old saying and in many regards, holds true. What gets understated is the journey that cream takes to rise. For musicians, even seemingly overnight success is by no means overnight. It takes hard work, sacrifice and bonafide talent (and not to mention a support system of family and friends making those sacrifices with you).

Javier Reed AKA J. Reed AKA The Community’s Artist, is not only one of those artists but has the positivity, humbleness and genuine personality that is bound to speed up that journey. While his most recent victory musically was performing in front of a national audience on FOX’s “The Real” (upon winning a national talent competition) his next will be the release of his debut album “10” out March 22nd.

It’s been a crazy year for J. Reed, but being the dude he is, J. penciled us in for a few questions, diving into the Midwest, music and what the year holds for him.

MWG: What about the Midwest has had the biggest impact on you musically?

JR: I think the seasonal changes in the Midwest have had a big impact on me musically. I’m able to make feel good music in the summer, grinding music in the winter and love music in the fall. I don’t think many people consider the impact the season have.

Where did your initial passion for music come from and what does this lifestyle mean to you?

As a kid, all I did was listen to music. My family was from the south so they played a lot of old school R&B. The first album I bought was by ‘The Temptations.’ I loved the way their music evoked emotion. I personally freestyled for years, but once I began writing, I fell in love with the thought of knowing my words were positively impacting others the way so many artist words had impacted me.

What would you say sets the Midwest music scene apart from the rest?

I would have to say the artist that arise from the Midwest are so much more diverse. We aren’t tied to any specific sound or accent (for the most part) so the music just seems to be so creative. You never know what you’re going to get.


How did you get your start as an artist? Were there Midwest artists that influenced you?

I would say my first big break locally was when I won a local competition with Hot 107.5 and got radio play for the first time. My first big break nationally was performing on ‘The Real.’ I know I haven’t made it yet, but I’m so grateful for those opportunities. I was influenced by a handful of Midwest artist including Eminem, Big Sean, Kanye, Chip Tha Ripper, Chance The Rapper, Common, Kid Cudi.

What’s been the highlight of your music career so far?

The highlight of my career was winning a national competition with ‘The Real’ that grated me the opportunity to be flown to California to perform on National TV! The experience was like none other. It was my first time really feeling like my efforts had been reciprocated.

How do you recharge? What outside of music gives you balance?

Great question. I would say I recharge and get my peace of mind when I’m in church. The music industry can become so overwhelming so suddenly, so being in church slows my world down. I get balance by doing simple things like playing with my puppy, drinking wine with my wife and watching Harry Potter.

What can fans expect from you this year?

My new album “10” drops on March 22nd! This album is a celebration of ten years from the first year I recorded my first song! Fans can visit my website www.imsojreed.com to keep up with shows and purchase merch! It’s going to be a great year!

This interview to us, only scratches the surface of the talent and man that J. Reed is. This is an artist that must be on your radar and we look forward to bringing you more on the man himself. Be sure to track down the debut album “10” and follow J. on your favorite social channels @imsojreed.

hIPhoto Credits: (c) David Tappan