World Champion Logroller: Will Hoeschler

The Northwoods is home to many traditions, passed down from generation to generation. For some, it may be as simple as the stories of kin, a recipe or a forgotten trade still living on through a family name. For the Hoeschler Family, that tradition comes in the form of Logrolling. But to them, logrolling is more than a sport, it is a way of life and this year that tradition continued as the youngest of the Hoeschler’s, Will Hoeschler, hoisted above his shoulders yet another championship trophy in the family name.

As his opponent fell to the water for the 3rd time in the final round, Will threw up his arms in triumph as his mother did 43 year ago in the same body of water nestled in the heart of Hayward, WI. While victory in the event has become a common theme in their time at the Lumberjack World Championships, the joy the family feels together has not dwindled. Logrolling is in their blood, and even after his 5 year hiatus to pursue other endeavors, Will’s first championship victory on the log was celebrated by all his family members, who crowded around him as his foot hit the dock.

Will’s journey as a professional logroller started at a young age and between his mother’s passion for the sport and healthy competition from his older sisters, he was destined to follow the family tradition. A part from now being a World Champion in Logrolling, Will’s victory in the Boom Run earned him his 4th world title and he holds the world record for the event running to the barrel and back in an incredible 12.9 seconds.

In our time with Will, we learned their is much more to him than the sports at which he excels at. He is a man who pursues his dreams through study, hard work and the tenacity that comes with the Hoeschler name. A seasoned actor, political satire junky and student prepping for graduate school, we know that logrolling is just one area that Will excels at and are sure that the traits that have made him a champion will only extend into his other life endeavors.

MWG also learned that the family carries with them the Midwestern tradition of kindness and hospitality. Enough so that they allowed two unknown members of the media, whose disheveled looks were accompanied with the odor of deet and sunscreen, to stay with them for weekend. It was our opportunity to not only learn more about the Hoeschler heritage but to follow Will and gain insight into the life of a World Champion.

We want to thank Will Hoeschler and his family for opening up their home to us, drink the last of the Leinenkugel’s in their refrigerator and for giving us a 101 in Logrolling. It’s a sport that the family continues to promote most notably in the form of Key Log Rolling. For information on how you can get involved with the sport visit their website for programs near you.