2016 Lumberjack World Championships

Hear-ye, hear-ye gentlemen. We are happy to announce MWG will be setting out across Wisconsin this summer to bring you coverage of the 57th Lumberjack World Championships in Hayward, WI. Leading up to the competition we will be bringing you interviews from the sports top competitors followed by coverage of the event across our social media channels July 28-31. While many of you may remember the ESPN coverage, we want to bring you more than the dropping of the cookies or the rips of the misery whip. Our goal is to capture the essence of timbersports here in the Midwest as it is a sport that does not get its due. The combination of strength, agility, balance and hot saws that could power a street legal dirt bike makes this an exhilarating sport whose roots are right here in the Midwest.

Below is information regarding the competition and the role it continues to play in the Midwest and around the world. Stay tuned for more from MWG as we gear up to bring to life the exciting world of timbersports right here in the Midwest.

The Lumberjack World Championships® began in 1960 as a way to acknowledge the rich history of the logging industry across the United States. Work day skills that were perfected in the forests of the nation became a past time and soon grew into an exciting and growing sporting event. From the World Lumberjack Championships, now trademarked in Hayward, WI to ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games, lumberjack sports have increased in popularity with loyal fans and competitors from across the globe.

Hayward, Wisconsin, rich in both history and natural beauty, holds their lumberjack championships in what was once a giant holding pond for logs of Weyerhaeuser’s North Wisconsin Lumber Company. The people of Hayward embrace this rich history each summer and hundreds of volunteers and community support making this a world class event for thousands of visitors.

The Lumberjack World Championships® showcase over 21 events competing for world records in events ranging from men’s and women’s logrolling, to chopping, to the exciting pole climbs. Over 100 plus competitors vie for more than $50,000 in prize money, making this once of the largest paybacks for lumberjack competition in the world. The LWS is a leader in the recognition and support of women’s events in the timber sports arena. The women’s competition have proven to be some of the most popular crowd pleasers with some of the most incredible female athletes competing in a variety of events.

The pure strength and skill of the various chopping and sawing events, the agility and grace, as well as the endurance of logrolling and the exhilaration of the 90 foot tree climbing makes this an exciting family event each summer for over 12,000 spectators.

Photo Credits: Ⓒ Darlene Prois, Lumberjack World Championships

Stay Tuned…