We Are Culture Creators – Detroit

Since the birth of hip-hop, Detroit has always maintained an underground of producers, MCs and artists that have provided influence on some of the biggest names in the game. On the rise is a collection of young, vibrant, talented artists who have joined together under the banner РWe Are Culture Creators Рa collective and label out to relentlessly promote and showcase some of the best artists Detroit has to offer. What has struck us about this collection is the diversity of sound and energy from every artist. Each MC has their own voice, flows, and personality. These boys are not out to imitate or duplicate but come at you with a new tone for the Detroit hip-hop scene Рsetting themselves up as the new generation of Motor City MCs. The lineup includes Curtis Roach, Supreme Flows, DeMaciiio, ISO, Stations 999 and more. Do yourself a favor and dive in, deep, this is the new Detroit.

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