This Wild Land (Official Trailer)

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area of northern Minnesota to this day is our favorite place on earth. For those who have experienced it themselves, they know, you walk out of it a different person… for life. The expansive landscape of lakes and pines provide you with perspective, peace, freedom and a sense of adventure you may spend your whole life trying to recreate.

The BWCA is not without its controversies and can be a very divisive and touchy subject in certain communities. On one side, you have people who see it as we do – a source of inspiration, untouched terrain that provides an experience second to none which deserves preservation for generations to come. On the other side, some see an area rich in natural elements, waiting to be mined for regional prosperity.

Coming soon is a documentary from Chesterfield Pictures, “This Wild Land” that covers the stories of individuals in the fight to preserve this magnificent place. In their own words, “The goal of the film is to reiterate the importance of human interaction with nature and preserving the places on earth that still allow for it. Threats to the Boundary Waters have taken many forms over time, but the dedication to keeping them safe has endured.”

These individuals carry on the legacy of the great Sigurd Olson, whose tireless efforts played the key role in its official preservation in 1978. As the power of special interests expands, the BWCA remains threatened by corporate interest.

Visit their website to learn more about the many organizations working to maintain and fight for this land. It is their efforts that will help ensure future generations can feel, experience and come to love the epicenter of the north woods.