The Native Howl – Kickstarter

Last year, many of you we are sure came across the viral video of 4 dudes hammering string instruments at thrash metal speed. After obtaining over 15 million views, it was certain that The Native Howl was on to another level with a new genre known as ThrashGrass. What was not seen were the meetings with record execs, thirsty to ride the coat tails of this viral sensation – only to attempt to push the boys from Leonard, MI in a different creative direction. In order to ensure that their art not be compromised, the boys chose to go independent.

While they do have a collection of songs available to the public, they need our help to truly unleash the power and potential of ThrashGrass. So take the time to amp yourself up with the videos below, but more importantly – visit their Kickstarter page, donate, share with friends and do your part in supporting local music.