The Lismore Hotel

Sometimes the ‘ol tent site just doesn’t cut it on our travels, especially with the chill of winter still crawling down our spine. The vibrant downtown of Eau Claire, WI had us ready with plenty to do and plenty to drink but also gave us a night of rest we won’t forget.

The hotel towers over downtown, with each room giving you a proper view and is walking distance from… well, everything. If walking isn’t your thing, you won’t have to go far for eats, drinks and that morning coffee. The Informalist restaurant is within its walls, if you need to throw that pinky up for a night. You can also close the evening out with a proper cocktail at DIVE located on the second floor.


If you need an extra boost outside of the room coffee, the ECDC Coffee Shop downstairs is top choice for your morning brew. Affordable, comfortable and exquisite views make this a must stay on your next visit