The Jayhawks: Sunday Morning Music

Blows my mind how many people I encounter that have never heard of The Jayhawks. Growing up I thought everyone knew the lyrics to “Sister Cry.” I adopted them early upon raiding my older brothers CD tower in his room. One summer afternoon in the mid-90s I went snooping around and tucked in between the Black Crowe’s “Amorica” and Green Day’s “Dookie” – I pulled out The Jayhawks – Hollywood Town Hall. That was it. It fed me and lead me down the road of Wilco, Golden Smog and more.

After discovering the CD in my room, my brother rightfully pounded me… but I had garnered respect… mad respect. To this day, The Jayhawks are my Sunday morning music. From sunup to sundown, the neighbors get a dose of everything from “Ten Little Kids” to “Hide Your Colors.”

The boys are back it with their latest release “Back Roads and Abandon Motels.” Like the past, there is an evolution in their sound but maintains that little something that made me fall in love with them on that fateful afternoon in ’95.

For those who are just getting into the boys from MPLS, think Crosby Still Nash meets Wilco or at times, The Beatles meet Steve Earle. Either way, let’s take you on a little journey. Strap in and catch up.

Plus, let’s be real. How many bands after 30 years could still get up and jam outdoors in the middle of a Minnesota winter? The Jayhawks. That. Is. Who.