The Breaking Point Channel

There’s something about being an outdoorsman that those in the game can’t shake. When you’re not on the river or out on the hunt, you still do little things to put you in that mindset. Maybe it’s the clothes you wear, the music you listen to or the shows you watch. Anything to stay connected to the outdoors, even when trapped in the musty indoors.

While there are many cable stations dedicated to the outdoors, it just doesn’t do the trick. While we appreciate Elk hunting in Wyoming or watching some buck hunts out of Georgia, they just don’t quite hit home. For us, we need something closer to home, like baronĀ cornfields, the morning frost, the turkey calls at 5 am or a buck sniffing around the first snow of the season. If this is getting you going, boys, we want to introduce you to The Breaking Point.

This Wisconsin based hunting channel is everything we have wanted in a hunting show and more. Great production (Black Stamp Media), great cast of guys like you and me just excited and passionate about what they are going. Beyond the joy of watching them get what they are set out to hunt, it’s all done in familiar landscapes. Whether muzzleloader hunting in Iowa or taking down toms in Wisconsin – it’s a straight shot of Midwestern hunting, beautifully captured.

Give the boys a follow, be sure to burn through a few episodes and get the hunting juices flowing, the season is just around the corner.

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Media: (c) The Breaking Point, Black Stamp Media