Sotastick Co. – The Pride of Minnesota

A piece of our hearts lies deeply in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, a culture that was the catalyst for MWG. Minnesotans have so much pride in their music, their beer, their history, their landscapes and well, their sports. Especially, Hockey. What once started as a way to cultivate the pride of Minnesota’s hockey legacy has turned into a canvas for Minnesota sports nostalgia. Sotastick Co. based out of Minneapolis has everything you need to capture a piece of Sota fandom. Whether you are looking to show support for the Minnehaha Waves in your Gordon Bombay jersey, symbolically mooning the PackersĀ fans (Skol!) or need a reminder of who the true Northern Enforcer is – Sotastick Co. has you covered.

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Let’s walk down memory lane to the infamous Joe Buck call:

For the record, Joe Buck likes Midwesterners: