Proper Beer Commercials: Drink Up

We can say, they don’t make them like they used to. We want to take the opportunity to remind people of the glory days of beer commercials. Back when driving a young grizzly bear in a Jeep was cool, when logrolling was a known activity, trumpeters were rockstars and influencers were older than the age of 24. While we have the utmost respect for the craft beer scene, let’s not forget what got us here. Here’s to the beers that made the Midwest what it is.

Hamm’s Beer – “A f*cking bear”

Budweiser – “HeEeyyy, this Bud’s for you”

Old Milwaukee – “You Better Make It A Good One”

Miller Lite – It Gets No Respect

Miller High Life – Manlier Than You Will Ever Be

We could use an ice cold Hamm’s now.