Update: PROF Is Keeping Music Videos Alive

Let’s just make this a running article shall we? 

Prof has released his latest single “Cousins” featuring his mans Cashinova and with it, another insane music video that pumps us full of inspiration. Go crazy….

“It’s a young Paul Bunyan in this b*tch.” With YouTube being an ever growing destination for music, any track you can think of is often found as a lyric video or a simple topic. With outlets like MTV, BET and VH1 abandoning music videos over the past decades for reality programming, the music video as an art form is vanishing… Not in PROF’s world. The Minnesota based rapper is on top of his game with his music and his videos.

PROF brings everything you want in a music video. They are creative with the right touch of humor. They bring his work to life and give us insight into the mind of a creative genius. Aside from being well produced, they represent Minnesota, his fans, his family and make you wish you could party… just once… with the man himself. Below are just a few samples of some of our favorites. Dive in, catch up.

Light Work

Andre the Giant

Bar Breaker (NSFW)

NO (Feat. Cashinova)

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