People Under Detroit – Da ILLAZ

Da-da da da-da, da-da da da-da. Opens the undeniable bellow of L.A.Z. one-fourth of the Detroit based Clear Soul Forces who along with CSF DJ illadope are out with their latest project “People Under Detroit.” For those familiar with the Forces know that the group is a collection of personalities whose individual work is as powerful as it is under the banner CSF. L.A.Z. and illadope bring it together under the name Da ILLAZ.

An ode to the LA-based, “underground” group People Under the Stairs, the new album is a collection of hip-hop snacks ready for you to feast on. Bringing in familiar faces and new names to the familiar sounds of People Under the Stairs, this is the album that should carry you down Gratiot. It is art, support it, buy it, bump it.