Eleven Wells: Handcrafted in Minnesota

Oh yes, whiskey season is upon us. When the temperature drops, nothing warms the body and soul quite like a proper whiskey. Starting us off is a bottle we have had tucked away for a bit, bringing it our during special occasions like Packers vs. Lions or Tuesdays. Either way, it is from Eleven Wells Distillery whose story is as good as the spirits they make. Distilled in the old Hamm’s Brewery, Eleven Wells is not only revitalizing a historic corner of St. Paul, they are revitalizing some of our favorite¬†spirits in their Prototype Series. Our first taste was with their Wheat whiskey.

As¬†with every first sip, we let it soak to kill off our bodies initial shock of the alcohol, ensuring a smooth finish with each subsequent sip. The initial pull is heavy but it eventually subdues to an almost sweet taste. It’s crisp and what you get is a mouthful of spring wheat, a very fresh taste that leaves you intrigued. Enough to make you want to take another sip, then another… and another. Before you know it, you’re a few too deep listening to Dead Man Winter’s “Lutsen” on repeat for the next 4 hours.

To us, beyond the ingredients, beyond the taste or why we choose to drink it… is the story. It is that story that is in each sip, it is revitalization. It is bringing a corner of St. Paul back to life, it is harvesting that vital spring wheat and producing life.