Brother Justus Whiskey Company

To answer your question… yes, we did drink nearly the entire bottle before getting a proper photo. However, if you have ever been introduced, sipped or sniffed what’s inside, you couldn’t blame us. We had many reasons to get back to Minnesota, but one thing we had to do was finally get our hands on a bottle of Brother Justus American Whiskey.

The distillery has a bit of mystery around it. It is underground (figuratively and literally) and maintains a very limited number of hours open to the public (12-4pm Fri/Sat). This collection of single malt whiskeys is derived from prohibition era recipes, ingredients and processes. Handcrafted in the name of a monk whose propensity for detail helped Minnesota farmers survive an economic downturn by turning their grain to whiskey. It’s true. But the boys from Brother Justus tell the story better.

Now while the distillery itself holds limited hours, there are plenty of shops from Albert Lea to Zimmerman ready to supply you with the juice. Follow the gents on Instagram, Facebook and give them a visit