Bell’s Double Two-Hearted Ale: Coming Soon

Beer release hype has seemed to have subsided over the years. Could be due to the sheer amount of micro-brewery options that have popped up over the past 5 years… or that beyond the intrigue, many beer drinkers resort back to their true north. For us, and many Midwestern Gentlemen, that has been Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. Reliable, tasty, perfect… no matter the occasion. Often imitated, never duplicated, the Two-Hearted Ale is our go-to ale every time.


In late January, Bell’s Brewery announced their 2019 line-up and while we are sure each one will be as delicious as the next, it was July’s release of Double Two-Hearted Ale that caught our eye. With an expected ABV of 11% and nearly 2.5x the hops, the intensity will be turned up a notch but we imagine that the smooth refreshing taste will remain. With the July 2019 release, expect your summer grill sesh’s to be taken to a whole new level. Until then, just salivate over the thought of Two-Hearted Ale as a Double IPA.



Hero Image: (C) Bell’s Brewery