Sneak Peek: Adventures With Vultures – Back to Normal

So, we admit that we may be Adventures With Vultures biggest fans. Since copping the Junction EP, we have had them in regular rotation on The MWG 25 and in the car on long drives through the Midwest. We have caught them live on a handful of occasions if only to have those stories of “we knew them when.”

Friday is the next big step for the boys of AwV as they drop their new single “Back to Normal” which will be available to audiences everywhere. But for fanboys like us, we couldn’t wait. So using our Midwestern charm, we managed to get through security, crack some beers and well… got our hands on the new single.

If you are new to Adventures with Vultures, start to catch up. If you are not, well… here is our gift to you, a chance to be one of the first to hear the new single from Adventures with Vultures, “Back To Normal.”