Bubble Hockey Tournament

It’s here. The first Midwestern Gentleman Bubble Hockey Tournament will bring together a field of 16 competitors to Second Best Detroit, for a 1v1, single elimination tourney and a chance to win the Stanley Gulp Trophy.

The Details

What: The MWG Bubble Hockey Tournament
When: Wednesday, May 1st – 6:30 pm
Where: Second Best Detroit, 42 Watson St, Detroit, MI 48201
Why: Fun. Drink Specials. Bragging Rights.

The Rules

  1. Have fun. Be cool. – We know it can get competitive, go with the flow, have some fun!
  2. Single Elimination – Games will last ~5 minutes, no ties, winner moves on.
  3. Sides – each match will start with a coin toss for the person to choose their side (person on top of the match in bracket)
  4. No Tilts –  unless the puck is stuck, to which the referees will provide assistance
  5. No Stalling – work to get the puck off a player in under 5 seconds (even on the center forward)
  6. Spinning/Distracting – Players are permitted to spin their ‘guy’ for a maximum of one second per instance. ‘Guy’ cannot be moved rapidly from side to side in order to distract or shake the surface of the table.
  7. Goals – Only goals registered by the machine count, if you go bar downski and it pops out, the puck is still in play.
  8. Final Score* – a player can win by a single goal either at the end of regulation or in a sudden death after the end of the third period (if the end of regulation is a tie). We know the table will keep the puck in play after regulation, we will go by score, not the machine. Game ending will be noted by the flashing red light.
  9. When you arrive – Check-In with the MWG team, will have black MWG sweatshirts on and a Two-Hearted Ale in hand.

The Bracket

*Game Start Times are estimated, be sure to be there early enough to not miss out!

Updates every minute – View full tournament

The Winner: The Stanley Gulp (Ceremony)