Midwestern Gentleman is dedicated to promoting the lifestyle of the American Midwest, a place where modesty, integrity and moderation reign supreme.

Whether its unraveling the growing distilling industry or promoting the diverse music scenes from Superior to St. Louis we want to uncover the uniqueness and energy of the place we call home.

Most importantly, we want to tell the stories of the men who live the great lakes good life day in and day out. From adventurers to filmmakers, MCs to business owners, everyone has a story and we are here to uncover them. 


So join us! Allow your inner Paul Bunyan to yawlp from the top of Mount Arvon, put on a 3-piece suit and J-stroke with us through rivers and streams from Ontario to Superior.

Pour yourself a stiff whiskey (preferably one of Midwestern origin, we’ll tell you about them) and listen to the tales of Midwestern Gentlemen past and present who have grabbed this world by the nuggets and done it all with confidence and painful modesty, products of our common Midwestern upbringing. Go forth men, and…


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